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About Me


About Me:

Based out of Calgary, Canada, I am a Career Development Professional with training in Career Development Foundations.

What’s a Career Development Professional you might be asking? Maybe you’ve heard of a Career Coach, Career Consultant, or Career Strategist.

My Personal Journey

Before getting into the career development world, I spent roughly 15 years owning and operating a window cleaning/home services company. I realized the most important lessons and skills I learned in my life came in my young adult years as an entrepreneur. I realized that the ~18-25-year age range that I started my business was such a pivotal stage in my life and career. I was fortunate for what this business allowed me to do.

I was able to:

  • Move out of my parent’s home and live as a bachelor.
  • Take multiple vacations a year.
  • Have a flexible schedule.
  • Have a thriving social life.
  • Feel like I was living “my version” of a fulfilled life.

Why so many young adults feel trapped

For so many young adults, the information and resources doesn’t support them to enter the workforce with hope. The idea of achieving a version of success that is uniquely right for them might seem like a far away idea. Many of the industries and institutions are designed to serve people at scale rather than serve the individuals, each with nuances and different ideas of success. I personally remember finishing high school and feeling as though entering the workforce was a continuation of confinement that I had just escaped in the education system.

What I learned

In my journey of growing a business, I was able to carve out a niche that liberated me in life. The real value my business offered me was the knowledge to structure my life in order to serve me in a way where happiness was possible. This was a difficult to learn but important struggle to navigate. I am grateful that this was something that I was able to go through.

My Mission

My inspiration as a career development professional is to help young adults realize that fulfillment is possible for each of us. We can all strive to structure our careers for our own version of a fulfilled life. I want to establish hope and inspire the young demographic of our society. We should all view a career as something that supports and empowers an intentional life.

In addition to young adults, I want to re-inspire hope for those looking to make career transitions in mid-life. We have a growing epidemic of people feeling desperate and trapped mid-career. It is a familiar theme for someone in their 30’s, 40’s or 50’s with responsibilities, family, and a mortgage but a job that leaves them miserable. Many are feeling deeply unsatisfied and seemingly without options of where to turn. This is another area that our collective mindset has fallen short. Many of us are of the mind that a career is a linear path. That, once we find our “career” then that part of our growth can stop. The problem is that when this inevitability doesn’t work, we don’t know what to do.

I’m going to help by:

  • Challenging and reframing career assumptions that may not be true.
  • Encouraging a hopeful perspective for anyone navigating a career struggle or transition.
  • Fostering a community of resources and knowledge for career development.
  • Encouraging everyone to take a “careerpreneurial” approach to their professional life, where they are constantly growing and cultivating opportunities.

A new perspective

The reality is that careers like everything else in life have cycles. Even for some who have achieved deeper level of professional success, a career that once served them may no longer be the right fit. As a Career Development Professional, it’s important that there is a path to regain hope and inspiration for those who feel trapped in this phase of their journey. In fact, I believe someone who is discontented in their career is being called to do something else.

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Working as a Career Development Professional is a lifelong journey. It starts with my training and the learning takes place every day. 

Using the foundational fundamentals, theories and models, I aim to maintain the highest integrity as a coach and strategist.